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Before you invest in a court for your property, there are 3 questions you should ask any sports company BEFORE you actually hire a company to build your court:
  •  Do they have a Certified Tennis Court Builder on staff? To be a CTCB, through the American Sports Builders Association, one needs to demonstrate a minimum of 3 years’ experience in the field and achieve a certain level of knowledge in tennis court construction. When you hire a company like Sport-Tech Construction, that has a CTCB on staff, they offer a real resource of knowledge for the entire project from development of a budget, selection of the site, and consultation in what type of service to use. This knowledge is invaluable in making sure you get the best quality construction for your investment.
  •  Do they do their own work and self perform? Do they own their own equipment? Many companies out there are only brokers and salesman for the jobs acting as intermediaries yet not actually doing their own work. This can be problematic as if any of their subcontractors get backed up, then your job gets delayed. Moreover, when working with this kind of investment, the company you hire should own their own equipment. This allows for more control over their own schedule so, that once again, your job doesn't have any delays.
  •  What kind of materials do you use and how can I ensure your estimate of materials used is what will actually be used? Unfortunately, we've found that there are contractors in this business who skimp on materials that they bid in the projects in order to cut corners and increase their profits at your expense. That's why we've come out with our Exclusive Price Match Guarantee where we will evaluate the quote of any other estimate to ensure that it is apples to apples and that you ensure you get the quality that you're paying for.
At Sport-Tech Construction, we own all of our own equipment and have a great team of expert builders, certified tennis court builders, consultants, and painters. We use only the highest quality and brand name materials for our courts and sports fields. Plus, we’ve done work for municipalities, schools, universities, and the private sector.

If you’re interested in investing in a sports field or court for your home or property, you’ve come to the right place. Click the button to request a quote or call (914) 232-1640 if you have more questions. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon.