Synthetic grass and artificial turf have many benefits. Maintenance is a lot easier, you do not need harmful insecticides and fertilizers, and when taken care of, can last a very long time.


Artificial grass can save you thousands of dollars on your water bills.

After all, synthetic lawns do not need to be watered. For every hour you spend watering your grass, you are using hundreds of gallons of water. In fact, the average California Lawn uses approximately 50,000 gallons of water a year. That’s a lot of savings over time in both water and money, Artificial grass requires very minimal maintenance.


Do you feel like you spend more time maintaining your yard or athletic field than actually using it? If you’re tired of mowing, fertilizing, and seeding, consider artificial grass. That way, you can stop working so hard, and spend more time with other things. The typical maintenance required for these types of products are simple perimeter weed treatments and the occasional raking or blowing off leaves.

Artificial grass lasts longer than natural grass.


Synthetic lawns will not die from the scorching heat of the summer or from the frigid cold of the winter. Today’s artificial grass products can handle the elements including the scorching summer heat without drying out and dying. The typical lifespan of today’s products are 15-20 years.


Artificial turf can be installed in just about any area – large or small.

Synthetic lawns can be installed in just about anywhere you need it, whether you have a huge yard, or a tiny space. The advantage of these products is that they can be cut to fit specific size area’s making them ideal to be used when designing or creating a new yard. Most of the time the products are installed flat and even so that you and your kids are not as likely to trip when you’re running on it.


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